Newsflash Titan Secure SA’s 1st Multi-Tiered Vehicle Anti-Theft System Has Officially Launched!

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Louis Bester
October 17, 2023

Peace of Mind in an Advanced Anti-Theft System

In our fast-paced lives with ever changing economies and security concerns, the last thing you need to worry about as well is, the safety of your vehicle. At Titan Secure we have built a product that stops vehicle theft. Titan Secure, is the first vehicle anti-theft system with an engine lock, fuel cutting switch and hidden anti-hijacking panic button. Over and above the prevention features Titan also offers gives customers 24/7 Emergency Support, a built-in tracker with advanced technology.

Why October Slots are Already Fully Booked?

Unlike trackers that mainly focus on vehicle recovery, The Titan Secure system focuses on vehicle theft prevention which ultimately eliminates the need for vehicle recovery. Although we have an advanced built-in tracker, it is our anti-theft features that make our system unbeatable and your car unstealable. Let’s dive into them right now.

1. Titan's Mechanical Engine Lock: Prevents Engine Ignition

When you lock your vehicle with your Titan Secure remote or mobile app you are also activating your Titan anti-theft device. Once the device is active the mechanical engine lock engages and your engine then remains locked until you deactivate your device via your remote or mobile app.

2. Electronic Fuel Cuts: When Your Titan Device is Active it Can Cut the Fuel Supply

Should there be a hijacking scenario you are able to activate the fuel limp mode through the contact centre to ensure all fuel supply is disabled by Titan making it impossible for thieves to speed off.

3. A Bullet-Proof Built-in Tracker – No Downtime, Instant Alerts, Rapid Response!

Titan Secure's tracker is unaffected by jamming and load shedding, giving our rapid response team uninterrupted visibility of your vehicle. The AI-enhanced anti-tamper protector also identifies tampering and notifies you and a special rapid response team immediately!

4.Anti-Hijacking Functions: Protection at the Tap of a Button

Titan Secure has conveniently placed an anti-hijacking panic button inside your vehicle, providing easy access for activation by you or even remotely through our dedicated 24/7 contact centre. The panic button instantly alerts the rapid armed response team to dispatch immediately.

Qualify for Insurance Discounts with Titan Secure

Aside from engine lock, fuel cut capability and bullet-proof tracker, there's another compelling reason to choose Titan. When you fit your Titan Secure anti-theft device, you may qualify for a discount on your monthly insurance premium through the NIC brokers. Terms and conditions apply, but saving money while ensuring the safety of your vehicle is always a win-win situation.

Why You Need to Reserve Your November Slot Now! Quality Over Quantity!

Each and every device is specifically designed and crafted to function optimally according to your exact vehicle make and model! Our technicians do not compromise on anti-theft quality because our main objective is to prevent your vehicle from being stolen. Booking your slot in advanced means that you reserve your spot as the line is pretty full and of course it ensures we have enough time to secure your Titan Secure anti-theft device. When you leave our fitment centres, you are guaranteed to drive with confidence.

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