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Unbeatable Vehicle Security
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prevent vehicle theft with an advanced anti-theft system

Keep your vehicle safe with Titan Secure! Our anti-theft system includes an engine lock, panic button, live tracking, tamper detector, and more. Limited slots available for November installation. Reserve your device now!

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Say Goodbye to vehicle Theft Worries and Embrace Life with Confidence

Titan's unbeatable anti-theft system is the top choice on the market for safeguarding vehicles against theft. With our advanced technology and innovative features, such as the anti-hijacking mechanical lock, fuel lock, ignition lock, panic button, and 24/7 rapid response system, we provide comprehensive protection for your vehicle at all times. Our user-friendly app makes it easy for you to monitor and control the security of your vehicle remotely, giving you peace of mind wherever you go.

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Select Subscription

Titan Subscriptions offer a patented Titan Secure triple lock system comprising The Fuel Lock, Ignition Lock & Mechanical Lock to prevent vehicle theft. Choose from 2 monthly subscription options that not only provide round-the-clock protection but also qualify you for insurance premium reductions with the NIC Brokers, ensuring peace of mind and savings on your monthly insurance expenses.

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Arrange Installation

Getting started with our installation process is  hassle-free. Once you have chosen your  subscription plan, all you need to do is click on the "Book Now" button and complete the call-back form. After you've submitted the form, one of our Titan agents will get in touch with you promptly. Our agent will guide you through the booking process and help you secure an installation slot that aligns with your schedule.

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Secure Installations

When you book an installation with us, you will receive a confirmation detailing your appointment. On the scheduled day, you will bring your vehicle to our fitment centre where our team of highly qualified and vetted technicians will be ready to assist you.

Titan Secure's Patented Triple Lock System

Titan Secure protects your vehicle with three locks that work together seamlessly to keep your vehicle safe and secure. This innovative triple lock system is always active ensuring proactive theft prevention, giving you peace of mind wherever you go. With Titan Secure's triple lock system you know that multiple security measures are always actively preventing vehicle theft.

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The Fuel Lock

This lock secures the fuel pump, preventing thieves from starting your vehicle. When your fuel is locked, your vehicle stays put. Prevent unauthorised movement of your vehicle with the fuel lock.

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The Ignition Lock

By locking the ignition, this feature stops the vehicle from starting altogether, providing an added layer of protection.

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The Mechanical Lock

This lock engages the Titan Secure device making it impossible for thieves to start your vehicle without proper deactivation or authorisation