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Monnas Rugby

Nurturing the Future - Titan Secure and Monnas

At Titan Secure, we understand that the development of young athletes transcends the rugby field.It's about instilling values like discipline, teamwork, and resilience. By supporting Monnas Rugby, we are committed to contributing to a nurturing environment where these young players can grow not only as athletes but also as upstanding members of the community.
Louis Bester
May 7, 2024
5 min read

Newsflash Titan Secure SA’s 1st Multi-Tiered Vehicle Anti-Theft System Has Officially Launched!

A Vehicle Anti-theft System that Prevents Vehicle Theft. Lock Your Engine, Control the Fuel Supply Plus & Get Anti-hijacking Support. Find out how you can qualify for vehicle insurance discounts
Louis Bester
October 16, 2023
5 min read

Titan Secure: Unbreakable Security for Your Vehicle

Car theft was once a concern that plagued us all, but that's old news! With Titan Secure, peace of mind is just one installation away. Let's explore the game-changing tech that makes vehicle theft a concern of the past!
Louis Bester
August 31, 2023
5 min read