titan secure's advanced anti-theft system prevents vehicle theft from happening!

Titan Secure is a Proactive Anti-theft System. While Trackers Focus on Recovery, We Focus on Theft Prevention!

The Titan device provides advanced theft protection, using both mechanical & electronic methods to prevent unauthorised engine starts and fuel access. With a jam-proof tracker and AI-supported anti-tamper system, the device can detect suspicious activity, identify common theft methods, and alert an armed response team to intervene.
Discover more about Titan's features below:

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TITAN's Patented Triple Lock System

Titan Secure’s Triple Lock System ensures vehicle safety with three active locks: Fuel Lock: Secures the fuel pump to prevent vehicle start. Ignition Lock: Stops vehicle start by locking the ignition. Mechanical Lock: Engages the Titan Secure device for added protection.

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TITAN's Electronic Fuel Cut

In a hijacking scenario, Titan support can remotely activate the Fuel Cutting Switch, which turns on both the Fuel Lock and Ignition Lock. As soon as your vehicle starts to slow down, it also activates the Mechanical Lock. Preventing thieves from driving off with your vehicle.

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TITAN's Advanced Technology

Equipped with a built-in tracker and advanced anti-jamming technology, it ensures uninterrupted monitoring and safeguards against any interferences. The system is supercharged by AI-enhanced automated anti-tamper protection, which can recognise patterns of theft and immediately alert our response team.

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Preserve Vehicle Warranties

Take comfort in the fact that your Titan Secure Device will not void any existing vehicle warranties. We have designed the vehicle anti-theft device to integrate flawlessly with your vehicle regardless of the make or model. We believe everybody deserves that extra peace of mind!

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Hassle-free Device Management

Enjoy the convenience of our device. Titan Secure requires zero maintenance. Once it's installed, you can trust it to keep running smoothly without any regular upkeep or intervention. We believe vehicle Anti-theft systems should be simple.

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Extreme Durability

Our device is designed with an IP67 rating, offering exceptional waterproofing and dust-proofing capabilities. It is built to withstand rugged conditions, making it perfect for 4x4 enthusiasts, off roaders, road trippers and all explorers.

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Anti-hijacking Panic Button

This anti-hijacking panic button is accessible for activation by the client or even remotely through our 24/7 contact centre. By activating this button, it sends an instant signal viaTitan’s secure communication protocol to alert our rapid armed response teams to deploy their specialised task force immediately. This feature is also exclusive to the Premium Package.

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24/7 Rapid Response Teams

Our emergency response teams are far from ordinary! Equipped with helicopters and highly trained professionals, we're geared to help you in any emergency. Feel at ease knowing that our rapid response teams are at your service 24/7, no matter the day or time. On top of that, our friendly Titan Support team is always here to assist with any questions or concerns. Whether it's activating your barriers or helping with payments, they're just a call away.