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Unbeatable Vehicle Security
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A vehicle anti-theft system that prevents car theft!

We're not your ordinary car tracker! We are SA's 1st multi-tiered vehicle theft prevention system. Titan's features are designed for theft prevention and not merely vehicle recovery! We believe theft prevention is better than vehicle recovery. Our advanced features include: Mechanical Ignition Lock, Electronic Fuel Cut, Uninterrupted Tracking, Anti-jamming Technology, AI-powered Tamper Detector, 24/7 Armed Response & Support Centre, Instant App Alerts, Anti-hijacking Panic Button (Optional).
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Unleash The Power of Titan Secure

Combining a robust blend of mechanical, electronic, and technological safety measures, Titan Secure stands tall as the 1st Multi-Tiered Vehicle Anti-Theft solution. Take charge of your vehicle's safety and get Titan Secure—the ultimate anti-theft system that sets new standards in safeguarding your vehicle.

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Proactive Vehicle Protection

Car trackers are useful, but our proactive protection system brings even more peace of mind. With Titan, you get a comprehensive protection system that not only keeps tabs on your vehicle, but also safeguards it with advanced electronic, mechanical, & technological security features.

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Reduce Your Insurance Premium

With the increase in vehicle thefts, insurance premiums are also going up. This situation can put unnecessary pressure on our clients. But, there's good news! By installing Titan Secure multi-tiered vehicle anti-theft device, our customers become eligible for a R300 discount on their monthly insurance premiums. t's & c's apply.

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Real-time Tracking

Effortlessly monitor the precise location of your vehicle at any given moment. Plus get instant tamper alerts & live updates on the overall health of your vehicle. With Titan Secure you'll never lose track of your vehicle!

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Unbeatable Security

Our anti-theft device surpasses vehicle recovery solutions and steering locks by incorporating not just 1, but 3 robust security measures. Through our mechanical, electronic, & technological safeguards, we offer unbeatable vehicle security & absolute peace of mind.